5 Things You Must Start Doing for Yourself

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Before I share with you the 5 things you must start doing for yourself, I want to implore you to take these seriously as you will see a transformation in your life. Many of us sadly allow our life to pass us by instead of actively engaging in it. Sometimes, we forget we have choices.

1. Have great friends
Friends are a source of hope .They guide you and give you inner strength. Naturally you need to choose good friends. Sometimes in life you need to share your pain and your joy with others , who better then with good friends .Good friends are a bulwark against depression.
2. Have a good laugh
‘The average child laughs about 400 times per day ,the average adult laughs only 15 times per day .What happened to the other 385 laughs? Indeed a good question. We take life too seriously .Whilst I am not suggesting that we must become flippant and hedonistic what I am encouraging is a much more relaxed attitude to life. Of course we have to fulfill our responsibilities. Laughter lubricates life.

3. Be happy
At a time when there are so many problems, how can you be happy? I am not suggesting that you should not respond with sensitivity to the needs of others .But if you look around what you will probably see is individuals who are sad and have in essence lost the zest for life. The following statistics from Jessica Pryce –Jones’s book Happiness at Work: Maximising Your Psychological Capital for Success makes for compelling reading

4. Cheer somebody else up
It is an axiom you cannot ignore. When you make another person happy, you will be happy too. Happiness is not a selfish emotion .Self –absorbed individuals are very seldom happy. They might create the illusion of happiness .Try it out today, bring a smile to someone, you will see how uplifting it will be.

  •  They get promoted faster
  •  They have 180% more energy.
  •  They are 108% more engaged in their job.
  •  They achieve more.
  •  They are 40% more confident.
  •  They are more creative
  •  They give better customer service.

5. Be authentic
At a time when so many people wear different masks…nothing is more gratifying than to meet authentic individuals .Being authentic essentially means being true to your real-self. In this way your social relationships will have integrity .The benefits that accrue from being authentic are too numerous to mention.

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