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December 23, 2017
No short cut to success
May 4, 2018

The remarkable thing about all of us is our uniqueness …not only about our physical selves but also how we respond to situations. Having said that we have the capacity to respond in better ways.

There were many tipping points in my life ..including the one which I am about to share with you. A dear friend of mine Suleiman Docrat experienced a hiccup yet he was unfazed.I was surprised by his attitude .His response was simply ” you win some and you lose some.”

What a realistic perspective…This stuck with me.It is very easy to be obsessed with a disappointment…It is easy to be overwhelmed. There are many amongst us who will not let go of a disappointment..They are in fact living in the past. The benefits of embracing the ” win some and lose some” philosophy is the following:

1 You move ahead.
2 Learn from your mistakes.
3 In life you cannot always win .
4 You learn not to rehearse the situation …you in fact learn to reverse the situation.
5 You maintain your composure.
6 Your optimism does not diminish .

On a personal level I found my friend’s philosophy of life instructive. It is said that the only thing you own is your attitude.

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