Benefits of Public Speaking

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July 28, 2015
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August 14, 2015

“All speaking is Public Speaking whether you speak to one person or to a thousand.”

As a motivational speaker and a co-author of a book on The Art of Public Speaking I am convinced that every individual should learn the art of public speaking even though some of us may never address large audiences. The reason I am encouraging this is because the benefits that accrue from this art goes far beyond the skills that one associate with this art. I recall vividly my experience at school. Most of my classmates will never volunteer to address a group of people nor accept the challenge. Those of us who fought our demons and conquered our fears feel liberated. Indeed a new world has opened to us.

So what are the benefits of speaking in public speaking?

  1. Your self-esteem will be enhanced. You will begin to love yourself. No not in a narcissistic way. This is so important. There are many people who have low self-esteem. As a result they have a victim mentality and in short are worriers. All in all they are spectators in their own life.
  2. You will inspire confidence in others. No one wants to hang around individuals who are tentative and unsure. People will gravitate towards you.
  3. You will have credibility. When you have credibility then you can impact on the lives of people.
  4. You will learn the power of words. You will be more circumspect in your choice of words. You will hopefully use purring words and not snarling words.
  5. You will be become self-aware. Great speakers listen to themselves as they speak and if need be correct themselves if they have to.
  6. Great speakers are often given leadership positions. As an individual you can have a far greater impact on those around you.
  7. All of us want to unleash our potential. The art of public speaking will give you self-belief. This in turn will facilitate the unleashing of your potential.
  8. Now indeed you are becoming authentic. There is no need for others to speak on your behalf.
  9. You are able to make friends easily. The worst thing is to be a prisoner of your own thoughts. Worse still is not being able to share your thoughts. It is said if any individual has at least five friends then it is unlikely he /she will go into depression.
  10. You will also embrace other disciplines. For example when you have to prepare a speech you will have to do lots of research. In this way you are able to increase your knowledge base.
  11. You will take pride in your appearance and in your dressing.
  12. You will be afforded many career opportunities.
  13. You will travel the world.
  14. You will become an empathetic listener.
  15. You learn to conquer your fears.
  16. You will become a great conversationalist and raconteur.
  17. It will hone your inter-personal skills

One can go on …I have seen a complete transformation in my life as I began to embrace the art of public speaking. It is never too late. Remember all of us have a story to tell. Who is going to tell your story? The time is now.

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