No short cut to success

December 25, 2017
Why? When? and How?
March 15, 2019

In a frenzied world of unprecedented changes there is a restless human spirit. What we see is impatience which is exacerbated by a culture of instant gratification. We want it now generation.

This too has become evident in the workplace…needless to say it is corrosive .When you look at anyone who enjoys success of any sort.Many assume that that he was favoured by fate as it were.But if you were to engage that individual you will hear in most cases a story of struggle , deprivation and utter hopelessness.

So my friends if you want to enjoy true success you must do the following:

1 Be prepared to work hard.
2 Be prepared to learn from your colleagues.
3 It is said that your net- worth is in essence your network..Come out of the narrow confines both physically and methaphorically and network.No one has the monopoly of knowledge.
4 Be creative..Creativity needs to be celebrated. Individuals who are trail blazers are more often than not creative individuals.
5 Be positive..There is no place for moaners and groaners in the workplace.
6 Show initiative..Don’t wait ..Take the first step always.
7 Be amenable to change.Change is the only permanent thing in life.
8 Be an asset to your company. Contribute to its growth .
9 Keep up to date with new trends .
10 Be a team player. The success of any company comes from being a team player.
11 Learn from your mistakes. We are human so we will make mistakes.The critical thing is not to repeat mistakes.
12 Always pursue excellence…there is no place for mediocrity.

The above is by no means exhaustive

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