Rules for Living

I WANT IT NOW GENERATION –Who is to be Blamed?
November 15, 2014
Why is it Important to be Optimistic?
February 4, 2015

1. Be positive
2. Be assertive
3. Celebrate your family
4. Have self- belief
5. Become a person of significance
6. Have a genorisity of spirit
7. Learn from your mistakes
8. Choose friends wisely
9. Be an avid reader
10. Do not forget your mortality
11. Pray pray pray
12. Be authentic
13. Pursue excellence
14. Don’t allow others to define you
15. Live with intentionality
16. Live consciously
17. Only you can deal with your demons
18. Embrace change
19. Hug your loved one’s everyday
20. Be expressive
21. Learn from your mistakes
22. Avoid speculation you may be barking up the wrong tree
23. Avoid suspicion
24. Do not have limiting beliefs about others
25. Be happy for other people’s successes
26. Take pride in your dressing
27. Have a sense of humour
28. Learn a new skill
29. Do not diminish anyone
30. Do not harbour malice or resentment
31. Walk with confidence
32. Be patient the bend in the road is not the end of the road
33. Acknowledge your mistakes
34. Be expressive
35. If you do not love yourself, then do not expect others to love you
36. Keep your promises
37. Volunteer your time
38. Embrace new skills
39. Look after your health
40. Develop spiritually
41. Be a critical consumer of the media

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