What do happy families have in common?

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May 26, 2015
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July 28, 2015

Happy families are cohesive… They feel emotionally connected with one another. The common good takes precedence over individuality. So what do happy families have in common?

The list below is by no means exhaustive. Share your thoughts.

1. They eat together. Studies have shown that when a family has dinner together they have a better understanding of each other. As it is said ‘eating time is meeting.’

2. They respect another. Respect is an integral part of any loving relationship. No more so than in a family.

3. They have an open communication. Family members speak freely observing of course the social etiquette involved in communication.

4. They share jokes or funny stories. This is an effective antidote to stress. This also contributes to a balanced life.

5. The family becomes a priority. Happy families have a wonderful work-life balance.

6. They are supportive of each other…ever ready to give a helping hand …ever ready to give solicited advice.

7. Family members disagree. They are, however, never disagreeable. Opinions are respected…a dissenting voice is never muted. There is no place for vulgarity and rudeness.

8. There have family rituals. These rituals create expectations and most importantly unite the hearts of each member.

9. Family members take precedence over friends. Friends are never diminished but in the scheme of things family is numero uno.

10. They play together. Sadly families’ playing together is not very common. The benefits that accrue from play cannot be quantified.

11. They meet regularly as a family discussing issues and sharing ideas. They look for solutions together.

12. They have a routine which is not imposed but one that comes from consultation.

13. They have goals …on the one hand you have family goals and on the other you have personal goals.

14. They have core values which they live by.

15. They express and demonstrate their love for one another.

16. Mother and father have an agreed parenting methodology.

17. Parents are given the respect they deserve.

18. Social etiquette is exemplified by the parents and emulated by the children.

19. They pray together.

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