Why is it Important to be Optimistic?

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December 3, 2014
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March 2, 2015

Some find that very optimistic people have benign illusions about themselves. These people may think they have more control, or more skill, than they actually do. Others have found that optimistic people have a good handle on reality. The jury is still out.  – Martin Seligman

My view is that optimistic people have a good handle on reality. Let us look at a few benefits that can accrue from being optimistic.

  1.  It gives you hope for the future. When you have hope then you live everyday with purpose.
  2. Positivity reduces stress. Stress is a killer.
  3. Optimistic people have a high EQ (Emotional Quotient). You may ask why is there a need for a high EQ? Indeed such individuals are resilient and do not suffer a melt-down as most pessimistic individuals would.
  4. It is an effective antidote to sadness. All of us want to be happy.
  5. Optimistic individuals are solution driven. For every problem, they will look for a solution. Unlike others who find a problem for every solution.
  6. One of the enviable qualities of an optimist is that they never give up. They are persistent.
  7. Optimists are aware of the fact that life has its ups and downs.
  8. Optimists learn from their mistakes.
  9. It enables you to take a balanced approach to life by dealing with the constant negative thoughts which spring up.
  10. It will help you in fostering positive relationships.
  11. Optimists are go –getters and doers.


Of course there are many more benefits. Suffice it to say, that we need to take ownership of our life. Too many people are fatalistic. I want none of you to have regrets… Imagine when you are in the twilight years of your –life. What do you think would be your regrets? Well, deal with the issues now. Be pro-active- act now! Not tomorrow.


The following quote aptly encapsulates the above.

“Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so.”

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