Why? When? and How?

No short cut to success
May 4, 2018

We often make assumptions about others …thinking that they are enjoying success because of their favourable circumstances. You can only get to the summit of any mountain if you venture to climb it .All in all you must have a vision…This vision should inform your life.

In this frenzied dynamic world which has impacted all aspects of our life demands creativity and a methodology which is refreshing. Therefore, the questions, Why  ,When and How become increasingly important.


Why do I do what I do?

Why do I respond to my fears the way I do?

Why do I not believe in myself?

Why can I not be inventive and creative?


When am I going to confront my true –self?

When am I going to determine the legacy I want to leave?

When will I begin this journey of excellence?

When will I stop being a spectator in my own life?


How can I begin my journey?

How should I deal with my demons?

How should I measure true success?

How should I deal with disappointments?

Yes …we have to take the first step. This will open new vistas

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