You can change your future by changing your attitude

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June 10, 2016
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December 23, 2017

It is said that the only thing you own is attitude and you can change your attitude whenever you want .I first  confronted this truism with disbelief until I began to apply it in my life .Wow …what a difference  it made .This was further reinforced by the statement that happiness is self-inflicted and not created by others. One may argue one’s attitude is determined by life –experiences and that if you have gone through a life of trauma then you will naturally be pessimistic or negative. I have come across many individuals who are positive …yet when you engage them you will be shocked to learn about their challenges. It is the choice they make and unlike many they truly understand the vicissitudes of life. What are the benefits of a positive attitude?

1 Inspired and Motivated. All of us need inspiration and motivation. In this way you will achieve great things .Negativity leads to dynamic inertia. You in essence become a spectator in your own life.

2 Solution Driven. No matter what challenges you go through you realize that there is always a solution. You do not become passive or fatalistic.

3 Good in Others. It is very easy to make negative assumptions about others when you have a negative attitude. A positive attitude will engender positive thoughts about others. How wrong I was is a refrain of many. This is not to suggest that you must not be critical of others.

4 Drawn towards you. You will never be short of company. No one wants to be surrounded with negativity .

5 Self-Esteem. With a positive attitude you will enhance your self-esteem .The benefits of a high self-esteem are many .Most importantly you will take ownership of your –life.

6 Enjoy success. You will be successful. Success for me is your impact on the lives of others. People who are positive give hope to others and are very supportive and generous. Just a thought…I have yet to come across a generous individual who is negative.

These are just a few benefits…all in all positive people have a greater grip on reality. Positivity is liberating and endearing .Be positive friend .A new world will be opened to you.


“Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success.”

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