Wanting to make a difference

You can change your future by changing your attitude
August 30, 2017
December 25, 2017

We can choose to be affected by the world or we can affect the world.’

Fortunate are those individuals who have impacted positively on the life of others. You don’t have to in a position of authority to achieve this. An ordinary being is capable of leaving a great legacy .I recommend the following.


  1. Listen with empathy. When you listen with empathy you are in essence conveying the following to others.
  • You are important
  • I am affirming you.
  • I am acknowledging you
  • I care about you .

You will be surprised how this simple act of listening with empathy can have such a profound impact .Try this.

  1. A smile is endearing .It exudes warmth .People are drawn towards you. After all, are we not gregarious beings? A simple smile can impact positively on others. It can uplift the spirit of others. When you smile you shift the focus away from you and in that way there will be no self-absorption or pre-occupation.
  2. Do community work. Community work affords one an opportunity to improve the life of others .It is difficult to imagine what would have been the world look like if there are no volunteers .The message volunteers give is we do not want to spectators when humanity is crying out for help.
  3. Invest in your growth. If you seriously want to impact lives then exploit every opportunity to grow .After all , people are moved by individuals who are interesting and illuminating.
  4. Be a great neighbour .Man has landed on the moon but he had not met his neighbour. It is always reassuring when you can say with conviction that you have loving neighbours you can rely upon.
  5. Have a sense of humour. Life can be challenging. People respond differently to situations .People with a sense of humour have a proper perspective of life. Are you not drawn towards individuals who have a sense of humour.
  6. Just be decent. Love the good,be the good and do the good.




Lead your life in such a way that when you were born people smiled and you cried ,that when you die you smile and others cried.

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